Bringing Scientology to the World: Golden Era Productions

Bringing Scientology to the World: Golden Era Productions

Golden Era Productions' new residence buildings are designed to provide living accommodations for some 900 staff members.














A Statistical Overview

Scientology is a religion for the 21st century. To make its religious technology broadly known, Mr. David Miscavige has directed the utilization of resources to disseminate Scientology effectively in a multimedia age. To that end, he established state-of-the-art recording and film studios at Golden Era Productions, the Church’s central dissemination organization, set on 500 acres in Southern California. As the international dissemination center for the entire Scientology religion, it has reached unprecedented achievements.

Since 2005:

  • Over 7.8 million DVDs have been sold and/or distributed, comprising 1,920 DVD titles.
  • Over 5,200 videos and films have been produced (English and translated), an average of 90 per month.
  • 1,571 hours of video have been  produced since 2004, an average of 27 hours per month.
  • 746 films (English and translated) have been produced.
  • 82 international broadcast events were produced (English and translated) totaling over 1,700 hours, an average of 28 hours per month.
  • Over 61 million compact discs containing the lectures of L. Ron Hubbard have been replicated.
  • Over 14,000 translated lectures have been recorded.
  • The beginning Dianetics and Scientology audiobooks were recorded in 15 languages.
  • 23,000 individual lecture titles were produced on compact disc.
  • Over 1.8 million pages of L. Ron Hubbard’s written works have been translated in the past five years alone, compared to a total of 359,459 pages for the prior 50 years.
  • 12.4 million online visitors from 234 countries viewed more than 23 million videos on the Scientology website in the past year alone.