The Single Most Momentous Advance

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“The Single Most Momentous Advance”

In his second presentation of the week, Mr. Miscavige announced “the single most momentous advance in Book One technology since May 9, 1950.” It was a project he personally drove for the better part of four years, and it culminated in the release of materials that will now make Dianetics universally accessible.

"The single most momentous advance in Book One technology since May 9, 1950."

Central to the advance, and also under Mr. Miscavige’s direction, were 32 new films in 15 languages—four and a half hours of visual instruction in the procedures of Dianetics.

Global Salvage Campaigns

Mr. Miscavige additionally presented an extensive briefing on the International Association of Scientologists and its support of the Church’s global campaigns. These campaigns provide assistance to millions and now include a host of new audiovisual education aids to reach many millions more.

Continental Advanced Organizations

Capping the week, Mr. Miscavige presented the future homes of new Scientology Advanced Organizations in Canada and Latin America. These will join existing Advanced Organizations in the US, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and recently acquired facilities in South Africa. When the new facilities are completed, on every continent will stand an Advanced Organization to serve their churches and parishioners. [See Advanced Organizations: The Global Stepping Stones to the Mecca]