Freedom Magazine. Pill Pushers issue cover
April-May 2016
Vol. 48. Issue 1
Freedom Magazine. Back to School issue cover
September 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 8
Freedom Magazine. Veterans issue cover
August 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 7
Freedom Magazine. Infrastructure issue cover
July 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 6
Freedom Magazine. Net Freedom issue cover
June 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 5
Freedom Magazine. Patriot Games issue cover
May 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 4
Freedom Magazine. Freedom of Information Act issue cover
April 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 3
Freedom Magazine. People Who Read Are a Dying Breed issue cover
March 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 2
Get Religion? issue cover
February 2015
Vol. 47. Issue 1
Freedom Magazine. Scientology Expansion issue cover
December 2014 Special Edition
Freedom Magazine. Held Back issue cover
November 2014
Vol. 46. Issue 4
Freedom Magazine. Created Equal issue cover
October 2014
Vol. 46. Issue 3
Freedom Magazine. LA Under the Influence issue cover
September 2014
Vol. 46. Issue 2
Military: Are They Drugged to Death issue cover
August 2014
Vol. 46. Issue 1
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Freedom Exposé The Boneyard of Your Money

The massive bloat of the federal defense budget—at the expense of education, infrastructure, medical care, the social safety net and so much more—has only one purpose: to enrich the “military-industrial complex.” “Keep the nation secure” is merely the marketing spin of the Pentagon and its corporate patrons.

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