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Echoes of the Past
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L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard: Humanitarian

Three new publications detail L. Ron Hubbard’s life and work, presenting an immensely important statement on both what most troubles this society, and the man who provided what have proven to be the only consistently workable solutions to those troubles.

e have the answers to human suffering,” L. Ron Hubbard declared, “and they are available to everyone.” In particular, he spoke of his means for humane and effective criminal reform, his solutions to epidemic drug abuse, his tools for the eradication of illiteracy, and his reply to a truly pandemic moral crisis. Defining what comprises those answers, and their genuinely global impact, are three new publications from the larger Ron series detailing Mr. Hubbard’s life and work: Ethics, Justice and Civilization, Education, Literacy and Civilization and Rehabilitating a Drugged Society. All told, these publications provide an immensely important statement on both what most troubles this society, and the man who provided what have proven to be the only consistently workable solutions to those troubles. In short, those who know the name L. Ron Hubbard solely in terms of Dianetics and Scientology will find these publications most enlightening. While those who regard modern criminality, immorality, drug abuse and the failure of our educational system as all but insolvable, will find these publications a revelation.

L. Ron Hubbard - Education, literracy & civilization      Ethics, Justice and Civilization: There is not a criminal in the world, L. Ron Hubbard tells us, whose life of crime cannot be traced to a loss of self-respect. And were we to ask that criminal what is meant by a loss of self-respect, we would invariably hear the most pitiful phrase imaginable, “One day I found that I could not trust myself.” Defining the greater significance of that statement, and L. Ron Hubbard’s subsequent discoveries in the field of criminal rehabilitation is the subject of Ethics, Justice and Civilization. Of particular focus are the truly unprecedented results from the celebrated Criminon (“without crime”) program. Exclusively utilizing L. Ron Hubbard’s rehabilitation tools, and presently at work in some six hundred state and federal detention centers across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, the Criminon program has been broadly acknowledged as the world’s singularly most effective means of restoring to the inmate a life of responsibility and decency. Case in point: while recidivism among juvenile offenders of Butler County, Alabama previously averaged eighty percent—generally on par with the national average—with implementation of the Criminon program that figure suddenly and quite spectacularly fell to but ten percent.

     Also appropriately discussed through the pages of Ethics, Justice and Civilization are L. Ron Hubbard’s wholly practical tools for restoration of ethical decency and his highly applauded non-religious moral code The Way to Happiness – now in the hands of some fifty million men, women and children across fifty nations and credited with the moral reformation of whole communities. To wit: there are former members of notoriously violent south-central Los Angeles gangs now wholly and sincerely dedicated to the eradication of gang violence solely from their study of The Way to Happiness.

L. Ron Hubbard - Rehabiliting a drugged Society      Education, Literacy and Civilization: Having long recognized the inextricable links between criminality, social upheaval and the inability to read, L. Ron Hubbard, “engaged in a study of applications of technology to illiteracy and illiterate or semiliterate populations.” What ultimately followed from that study is an arsenal of learning tools fully and factually capable of resolving the whole of a twentieth century educational crisis. To cite but two telling figures: while approximately 13 percent of all American teenagers (and upwards of 40 percent of all minority adolescents) are incapable of reading a newspaper, no less than a hundred-thousand American students regularly pack concealed weapons in their classrooms. In reply, and very dramatically so, stands the greater body of L. Ron Hubbard’s educational technology as presently utilized by thirty million students in grade schools, high schools, colleges and universities the world over.

     Aptly described as Study Technology, the L. Ron Hubbard educational system is entirely unique—not a “study habits for success,” or “tips for straight-A’s”—but absolutely bedrock on the subject of learning. Delineating the three fundamental barriers to study and providing the means to surmount those barriers, Study Technology actually represents the first and only system by which a student actually learns how to learn, i. e. , how to study any subject, whether practical or theoretical, with a full and lasting comprehension. Of particular note are methods for identifying and resolving the primary barrier to all literacy problems and thus, by turns, the singular source of all scholastic failures underlying an appalling high-school dropout rate.

     Additionally discussed are the bottom-line—and once more astonishing—results of application, e. g. , in controlled tests of British school children, a mere ten hours of instruction in Study Technology proved equivalent to 1.3 years of scholastic gain, while after but ten hours of instruction, a class of New Zealand students actually measured twelve points higher on IQ scores. Then again, there are the several hundred thousand or more children across the world now admirably progressing through schools they had formerly all but abandoned.

L. Ron Hubbard Magazine: Rehabilitating a Drugged Society      Rehabilitating a Drugged Society: The procedures for drug rehabilitation developed by L. Ron Hubbard are presently employed in some seventy nations and credited with the salvation of a hundred thousand terminal addicts. Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries have further meant a drug-free life for a million or more recreational users, and still more suffering ill effects of medicinal and psychotropic usage. In acknowledgment of his discoveries relating to the biochemical action of drugs, his work has been described as nothing less than landmark. While with an utterly unparalleled success rate among even once incorrigible cocaine offenders and habitually violent crack addicts, the description is benchmark—herein lies the program for the rehabilitation of drug abusers against which all other programs may be measured.

     Providing both an incisive view of what has become a genuinely global tragedy, and L. Ron Hubbard’s just as genuinely miraculous solution, is Rehabilitating a Drugged Society. The publication details the full range of Mr. Hubbard’s rehabilitation methods, including his broadly acclaimed Purification Program, providing the only known effective means of ridding the human body of deleterious drug residues and environmental toxins. That all substance abuse tends to leave residues stored in fatty tissues is an L. Ron Hubbard discovery, and a crucial one. Point of fact: the presence of minute drug/toxic residues tends to inhibit any permanent severance of a drug habit.

     Also included is a discussion of the drug rehabilitation methods employed within the Church of Scientology, which address underlying mental and spiritual difficulties originally precipitating usage. Then, too, Rehabilitating a Drugged Society offers an equally incisive view of L. Ron Hubbard’s methods in action as employed through the worldwide and world renowned network of rehabilitation centers known as Narconon (“no narcotics”).

     To date, Ethics, Justice and Civilization, Education, Literacy and Civilization and Rehabilitating a Drugged Society have reached some million readers worldwide. More importantly, the solutions described within these publications have reached several million others. That the author of those solutions further happens to be the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology is neither accidental nor unexpected. Rather, it is altogether in keeping with a view of L. Ron Hubbard held by so many who have turned to him for answers—not only this century’s most honored religious founder, but its most relevant humanitarian as well.

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