Go Inside Scientology’s Dissemination and Distribution Center

The Church of Scientology International 185,000-square-foot Dissemination and Distribution Center is a one-of-a-kind printing and production facility, housing manufacturing, distribution and administration all under one roof.

The Church of Scientology exists in 167 countries around the world. In addition to dozens of new Churches added in the last decade, the Church’s renowned humanitarian programs have reached more than 500 million people, in more than 50 languages.

To meet the demands of its growing congregations and humanitarian programs, the Church needed a printing and manufacturing facility like no other, capable of producing millions of booklets and religious materials in short periods of time. How that was accomplished is detailed in a new one-hour episode of Inside Scientology.

The International Dissemination and Distribution Center is one of the largest production facilities of its kind. Located in Los Angeles, it is 185,000 square feet of mechanical and digital precision, custom-designed from the ground up by the Church. The facility not only handles all printed materials, it also constructs furnishings, signage and systems for the expanding network of Churches and humanitarian projects.

Camera teams explore the technology behind manufacturing and delve into the expertise needed to print Freedom magazine, and a host of other Church publications, in more than 15 languages. Every copy of The Truth About Drugs and The Way to Happiness, both major components of the Church’s humanitarian outreach, comes from this facility and are handed out worldwide, from South Central Los Angeles to South Africa.

The episode shows how this pristine facility—with a 165-foot-long printing press—runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year to print, build and ship materials around the globe. This spiritual power plant produces banners of any size, iconic yellow Volunteer Minister T-shirts, books, pamphlets, uniforms and literally everything needed by any Church around the world as it keeps pace with humanitarian-materials requests that come from educators, drug prevention and human rights specialists, police, community partners and organizations representing all faiths.

Viewers will witness how advanced organizational methods designed by L. Ron Hubbard maximize efficiency and morale among the facility’s dedicated staff.

The Scientology Network original series Inside Scientology takes viewers behind the scenes of the religion with unique programming that explores the religion’s institutions and practices, from its international spiritual headquarters and cutting-edge publishing houses, to what happens on a typical day at a Church of Scientology, and the meticulous, painstaking efforts to preserve 75 million words of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s religious writings and recordings for future generations.

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