Media and Ethics

Can anyone “Believe” Reza Aslan’s CNN show “Believer”?

Reza Aslan’s CNN program Believer aired an episode ostensibly about the Scientology religion. You wouldn’t know it from watching, as not a single Scientologist…

Media and Ethics

How Much Freedom?

Religion accounts for 20 percent of all hate crimes in the United States, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” report

Media and Ethics

Is This Any Way to Vote?

Yes, it’s time for the quadrennial morality play called “Presidential Election.” Like the uplifting thespians of a half millennium ago, today’s actors, called…

Media and Ethics

UFOs and Elvis and Nazis, oh my!

If you’re a conspiracy buff … if you have a tinfoil hat tucked away in your closet, … if you feel guilty by being titillated at the prospect of black helicopters…

Media and Ethics

Media, Pharma Win; Citizens Lose

You may not have noticed, but the War on drugs is over. Who won the war? You will be surprised to learn that it wasn’t even one of the combatants.

Media and Ethics

The Nature of the Beast

False information has a life of its own. If a falsehood is told often enough, and widely enough, it becomes fact in the minds of many.

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