5 Things You Don’t Know About Leah Remini

Leah Remini originally made a name for herself as a comedic actress, but living with her, working for her and being one of her family was no laughing matter. Here are five things you probably don’t know about Leah Remini.

Fact: She destroyed her relationship with her father.

In a book allegedly about her life, Leah lied about her father, George Remini.

“So in her book Leah said a lot of bad things about me and her mother, Vicki, and of course her stepfather, George, and Angelo [Leah’s husband],” said George. “And when I read all this, it hurt me a lot. Like I said, how could my daughter say these things about me?”

“What hurt me most about the book is that Leah said a lot of things like I’m a drug dealer, I’m a pimp, I’m this, I’m that. And I said, ‘Where are you getting this?’”

When her father asked her for a loan of $1,500 for a cancer biopsy, Leah refused. Despite his daughter’s attitude, George Remini always hoped for a reconciliation.

“Yeah, I always held out a hope that one day she’ll hit her head or something and wake up and say ‘I have a dad. I want to be in touch with him. I want to talk to him,’” George said.

Fact: She turned her back on her dying sister.

Contrary to what she presents in her social media, Leah’s relationship with other members of her family has been equally abusive and uncaring. When her half-sister Stephanie was dying of cancer, Leah turned her back on her, refusing to help with her medical costs, telling her to “get Charity Care.”

According to Leah’s stepmother Dana, “Leah got mad when Stephanie’s sister Christina—she had a ‘GoFundMe’ page so people can send money to Stephanie to help with her bills. And Leah said, ‘She doesn’t need money.’ Just like that.”

Leah never bothered to visit her sister and skipped going to Stephanie’s memorial service after she passed away.

Fact: Leah’s abuse extended to her own personal assistants.

Those who worked for Leah as her personal assistants paint a vivid picture of a woman who tore through —and into—her staff with shocking malice. They were screamed at, cursed and ridiculed to their faces. Beyond variously being called “f---ing idiot,” “stupid f---ing c—t,” “asshole,” “douche bag” and more, the abuses included fatshaming, ridicule of physical ailments and sexual abuse.

As one former assistant described it, working for Leah was “one of the most psychologically damaging experiences I ever had.”

Fact: Her temper and faultfinding was like “the wrath of God.”

Those who have worked with her in any capacity describe Leah’s temper and faultfinding, even in minor matters, to be vicious and denigrating.

A young woman who was asked to set up a hotel suite for Leah went out of her way to ensure the accommodations were perfect. “When you have a guest in a hotel, you want to make them super happy, give them this nice experience so they have gratitude and they enjoy staying there,” she said.

Her penthouse suite was carpeted and decorated in white and a special playroom full of toys was set up for Leah’s then 4-year-old daughter who would go wild in the living room with her crayons “on the white couch and on the rugs.”

If all her daughter’s stains were not cleaned up every day, Leah complained loudly. “She would always complain about every little detail,” the hospitality worker said. “And from my experience with her, what Leah wanted is what Leah got. No matter whether it was to the detriment of others.”

And if Leah didn’t get what Leah wanted, “you just knew that the wrath of God would come upon you.”

Fact: She is a junior high school dropout.

Leah loves to complain about how she grew up denied a formal education but never mentions that she is the one who sabotaged her own schooling. She was 14 when she begged her mother to let her drop out of junior high school because she hoped for a career in the entertainment industry.

“I just said, ‘Screw this. If I want an education, I’m going to learn from my mother,’” Leah later told media. “I was gonna be a star.”

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