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“Welcome to the Fort Harrison Hotel”
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Freedom Magazine, published by the Church of Scientology

Scientologists in Clearwater

Scientologists make up a diverse group in Clearwater. They come from all walks of life, professions and ethnic groups. We profile several of them here.

Jim Warren has lived in Clearwater since 1995 with his wife, Cindy, and their two children, Drew and Art. Jim is a nationally known artist. He has done illustrations for record covers and movies, and portraits for many celebrities, CEOs, doctors and families. His work can be found in the Wyland Galleries around the U.S. Here in Clearwater, his painting “Earth: Love It or Lose It” was used in an environmental awareness billboard campaign. A book published on Jim’s works incorporates the theme that a person does not need drugs to be creative or successful as an artist. A couple of years ago, one of his paintings brought $10,000 to a fundraising auction for local literacy programs.



Steve Bloomberg moved to Clearwater in 1997 from Texas. As a fitness professional, he has been a personal trainer to several celebrities around the country and hosted a TV talk show in the Dallas area on physical fitness. Steve continuously campaigns against substance abuse. Children and adults from all walks of life have heard him talk and lecture on the harmful effects of drugs. In addition to offering fitness classes and personal training locally, Steve does regular, local TV and radio interviews including several infomercials.



Bud and Jill Reichel moved to Clearwater in 1997 from Atlanta. In the first part of the 1990s, the Reichels and their two daughters lived for several years in Russia, where Bud and Jill helped many struggling entrepreneurs establish themselves within the country’s new economic structure by teaching them essential marketing principles and the basics of organization. Bud is currently developing 17 acres of land on the corner of Kings Highway and Sunset Point where he plans to build 150 upscale homes. Outside of the time he spends on this project, he works with local businesses utilizing the secular, administrative methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard to analyze areas of difficulty in organizational growth.


Cupie Pearson moved to Clearwater from Germany over two decades ago. She was born in South Africa, raised in Zimbabwe and lived with her family in Europe before moving to the United States. She met her husband, Creed, here in Clearwater and since then they raised three children, Yarwijn (19), Kirsten (17) and Tilian (14), whose names reflect their international background. The Pearsons own a studio in downtown Clearwater called Clearwater Arts Studios where, as Cupie describes it, she “incubates artistic programs and budding artists.” She has supported orchestras like the Summit Orchestra and the Renaissance Orchestra. One of the most important things to Cupie is encouraging local youth to participate in the arts.



Laurie Anspach has lived in Clearwater since 1992. She owns a wedding dress business which primarily services the west coast of Florida. Laurie can be found working on five custom wedding dresses at any one time. She also volunteers as a supervisor for Criminon, a nonprofit group that uses secular methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard for the rehabilitation of prison inmates. Laurie helps to administer correspondence courses with prisoners, which cover such materials as moral choices, study skills, substance abuse and personal integrity. Through the program, many inmates regain a sense of self-esteem which motivates them to return to society as contributing, ethical citizens.


Jason and Alicia Regensburg moved to Clearwater in 1997 from San Francisco. They had a baby boy here, Hudson, born June 21, 2000. Jason is a partner at Hype, a marketing firm that offers services to technical companies. Alicia coordinates the activities of Scientology Volunteer Ministers who provide spiritual assistance for those in need in the Clearwater area, and respond to calls for local and national disaster relief efforts—such as the massive effort that followed the terrorist attacks on New York on September 11, 2001. Eighty-four Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Clearwater traveled to “Ground Zero” at the site of the World Trade Center collapse, where they stayed for days or weeks helping rescue crews.

“We are happy to be raising our son in Clearwater, where the crime rate is low, and the city and air are so clean,” said Jason.

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