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The Psychiatric Subversion of Justice
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The Internet: The Promises and the Perils

Freedom Magazine articles, published by the Church of Scientology
Our most recent issue of Freedom featured articles on the Internet and the many issues raised by this exciting new medium, including feature stories on law enforcement challenges and on how the Internet affects the lives of almost everyone. Responses to this issue continue to come in.

 T hank you for the Freedom Magazine on the Internet. Ever since hearing about the viruses that could be planted in one’s computer from being on-line with public data banks, I disconnected my modem. I did not want anyone to get to my book before it was published or plant a virus in my computer to self-destruct about the time I typed the last page.

Your articles on government information, the open-air tests, the freedom of information and other articles are all excellent. This is an outstanding issue of Freedom.

M. Wesley
Author, FBI Secrets:
An Agent’s Expose
Tucson, Arizona

 Y our Freedom Magazine about the Internet is fantastic and I am ordering extra copies for my office. I doff my hat to the editor on this one. Very timely!

Jim Nutt
Los Angeles,

On Behalf of Human Rights

t may very well be that bigotry, coupled with greed and love of power, is at the root of the psychiatric abuses being addressed by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

The “helping professions” of psychology and psychiatry have led themselves and many innocent consumers astray, consuming millions of dollars from taxpayers, and producing great destruction in many lives.

My own family had such an experience in the period 1987 - 1989; fortunately, we survived. We were forced into “therapy” in an institution which was subsequently closed due to predatory homosexual behavior by staff, and various lesser offenses. The forcing was done by a juvenile judge, based on the work of “mental health professionals” with whom his wife was connected. As time has shown, power politics was the primary factor in our case. The mental health people ignored the truth, and concocted a falsified picture which was wrongly attributed to our family. Using power politics, the truth was blocked from the proceedings.

Sad to say, the judge at the top of the heap committed suicide two weeks ago at age 47 — it appears his world of power politics crumbled around him. He was the “most respected” and most powerful juvenile judge in the state of Georgia, and his wife is supposedly a “super” mental health counselor.

Because of the mishandling of the crisis in my own family, I have become involved in advocacy for families where there are children with special needs. This includes families having intellectually challenged persons, as well as physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

Thank you for your interest in this area of endeavor.

Jeanette Bass

Hatred in Germany

very much appreciate the article in Freedom on the discrimination in Germany. I am against discrimination of any kind anywhere in the world and I am sure that wide publicity in your magazine is one of the best ways to fight it.

I hope many will follow you.

Joseph Moren
Wyoming County,

Uncovering the Truth About Jonestown

recently came across some information about Jonestown I felt would be of interest to your magazine. (See “Jonestown, The Big Lie,” Freedom Special Report on the Cult Awareness Network.)

My brother-in-law is a friend of a man who once worked for the U.S. State Department and who was one of the first to arrive at Jonestown following the murders. He asked his friend if it were true that many of the bodies had been shot in the back with guns and crossbows, and his friend said that it was.

We truly do live in a violent and cynical age.

Ben Lewis
Washington, D.C.

Letters to the Editor should be accompanied by name, address and telephone number and may be edited for clarity and length. Write to:

Editor, Freedom Magazine
6331 Hollywood Blvd.,
Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90028-6329
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