Freedom Magazine. The Year in Review issue cover
December 2016
Clearwater Special Edition
Freedom Magazine. Building a Great City issue cover
Vol. 20, Issue 1
Freedom Magazine. Flag issue cover
July 2014
Special Edition
Church of Scientology
since 1968

July 11, 2015, was a day of grand openings in Clearwater, Florida. The Scientology religion’s ecclesiastical leader, David Miscavige, welcomed thousands of residents to the re-opening of the Clearwater Building, an historic bank structure that will now be a “come on in” information center for the religion. Adjoining that building are six buildings that are now headquarters for humanitarian and social betterment groups supported by Scientology. “If all of us pitch in, we can fix a lot of problems,” Mr. Miscavige said in an interview. Gesturing at the newly opened buildings: “Here are some tools for us to use.”

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