A&E greenlighting hate

Leah Remini: A One-Woman Hate Machine

She’s a fading diva fueled by vitriol and bitterness. She sulks because she is chronically angry at the world, recalling every little slight that bruised her fragile, inflated ego along the way.

Leah Remini’s delusional revenge is to spread for cash lies, hate and bigotry about the Church of Scientology even if it encourages violence, hate crimes and death threats. Joined by vicious wife beater Mike Rinder as her co-host, Remini’s crazed, dangerous zealotry is shamefully blessed and bankrolled by Paul Buccieri’s A&E network using the corporate resources of co-owners Walt Disney Co. and Hearst.

Remini and her overlords at A&E can twist and bend the truth to make a cheap buck. But they can’t invent their own facts. In upcoming videos, the truth will expose Remini’s gang for the sick, demented liars that they are and shine a light on the real agendas they hide.