Berlin: New Church in Germany's Capital City

Berlin: New Church
in Germany's Capital City

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thousands of Scientologists and guests from the United Nations, United States Embassy and European news organizations attended the historic opening of the Berlin Church’s new six-story home near the Federal Parliament and Brandenburg Gate.

The Public Information Center offers visitors a self-guided tour to find out about Scientology for themselves.

Scientologists and guests from 31 nations gathered to unveil the new Church of Scientology of Berlin. A recognized architectural landmark at the corner of Otto-Suhr-Allee and Cauer Street in the famed Charlottenburg District, this six-story Bauhaus building is now a cornerstone for religious freedom. For here stands a Church of Scientology to underscore the fact that Scientologists will forever flourish and prosper over religious oppression. In testament to exactly that, a foremost religious scholar and a renowned proponent of religious rights addressed the crowd of 5,000 to proclaim a new day for freedom in this former seat of intolerance.