Dallas: New Church in the Lone Star State

Dallas: New Church
in the Lone Star State

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Church of Scientology Dallas, located in Irving at the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, opened its doors just one week after the ribbon fell in Malmö. Again, Mr. Miscavige’s presence underscored the import of the day.

Scientologists fill the new course rooms in the Dallas Church, studying
L. Ron Hubbard's books and lectures.

The Church of Scientology Dallas was formally welcomed to the city of Irving by Mayor Herbert Gears. Next up to the podium was Ms. Teddie Story, Executive Director of a nonprofit social services agency, Irving Cares. She was followed by the Rev. James McLaughlin, chairman of the National Congress of the Interfaith Alliance on Addiction. And finally, Ms. Shirley Dobson presented an official welcoming proclamation to the Church on behalf of the Texas State House of Representatives.

Whereupon Mr. Miscavige took the stage to place the day in a still greater historical context:

“The fact is that all we have accomplished in our formative years was the dream that we could one day expand to such a degree that our organizations would rise to the level of the technology itself, that they would embody what appears in L. Ron Hubbard’s technology and policy. Well, that goal is now within our reach. The momentum is building for a future more glorious than ever imagined.

“And while Texas is known for expansive dreams and a spirit of independence, let her now fulfill those dreams with total spiritual freedom. And so it is today we give her the gift of our new Church, which we offer as her home and by which we extend the gift of immortality.”

And as the ribbon came down, Scientologists and friends, old and new, entered the new home of Scientology in Texas.