Nashville: New Church in Music City, USA

Nashville: New Church
in Music City, USA

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The opening day in Nashville, more than 3,000 Scientologists and guests toured the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre, just a mile from "Music Row".

Having traveled 20,000 miles since the opening of the Fort Harrison in mid March, Mr. Miscavige once again officiated the ribbon cutting of yet another new Church, this one in Nashville, Tennessee-Music City, USA.

The following weekend, hundreds gathered in the Nashville Chapel for Sunday Services.

The opening of the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Nashville, just one mile from "Music Row," drew Scientologists from across the region. Also on hand were scores of local dignitaries, residents and Hollywood celebrities. Among those who addressed the gathering were Grammy-winning composer and musician Mark Isham and actresses Anne Archer and Jenna Elfman.

Then again, speaking to the broader significance of a Church of Scientology in the heart of Music City, Mr. Miscavige dedicated the new Church:

"The new Ideal Org and Celebrity Centre signals great things for tomorrow. And when you couple that with our ability to recover to individuals their inherent creativity, our ability to reawaken dreams and restore the power to achieve those dreams, yes, we can now make good on what L. Ron Hubbard tells us regarding the artist as creating the beauty and glory on which cultures depend.

"And that's both what this new Church represents and why we have come to Nashville. For while Nashville is known as the heart and soul of American music, let her now fulfill her destiny and write a song that will uplift every man."

With that, the ribbon was cut and the new Church in Music City, USA, opened to all to begin writing that new song.