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The Citizens Commission on Human Rights recognized three acclaimed educators at its annual awards banquet in Clearwater.
Clockwise from left: Beverly Eakman, educator and author;
Dr. Samuel Bluemfeld...

... leading authority and author on teaching reading; and Charles Richardson, founding trustee of the Reading Reform Foundation of New York were awarded for their action to rid schools of failed psychological programs and psychiatric drugs, and to return education to its purpose of helping our future leaders to learn.
Making Human Rights a Fact
Citizen's Commision on Human Rights honors educators

When talk turns to violations of human rights, one would normally expect a discussion of events in places like China, Afghanistan or Rwanda to dominate the discussion. The last place one would expect the debate to focus is on the American classroom and the institutions of higher learning.

Yet human rights abuses in the classroom setting is a very real problem today, and the focus of actions being taken by Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a group dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights.

"To say that psychiatry violates human rights is a misnomer," says Dr. Thomas Szasz, professor emeritus at the State University of New York. "Psychiatry is a human rights abuse."

Today a leading and powerful voice for mental health reform, with recognitions from a special rapporteur report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and other private and governmental bodies, CCHR is active with 130 chapters in 30 countries — including a chapter in Clearwater, Florida.

One of the important priorities of CCHR is protecting the rights of children. Each year, millions of school children are diagnosed with so-called behavior and learning "disorders" because they do not pay attention in class, refuse to sit still or have no interest in studying. Under the current guidelines used in classrooms throughout the country, almost any form of normal childhood behavior could be considered a "disorder" needing to be treated with psychiatric drugs.

Educators throughout the country have spoken out against such abuse, insisting that often such problems can be traced back to teaching failures, physical ailments, lack of nutrition or other problems that can be resolved without the need for drugs. Many of the drugs given to children have dangerous side effects, including depression, suicidal tendencies and sudden, uncontrolled outbreaks of violence.

Educators Awarded

"To say that psychiatry violates human rights is a misnomer; psychiatry is a human rights abuse."

Dr. Thomas Szasz
Professor emeritus at the State University of New York
On October 5, 2002, the Clearwater chapter of CCHR sponsored their 10th annual awards banquet to recognize top educators who have spoken out strongly against the drugging of children and worked diligently to bring an end to such abuse. The dinner was held at the Fort Harrison Hotel and attended by more than 300 guests from the community. The President of CCHR Florida, David Figueroa, hosted the event and introduced each of the awardees.

First to receive an award was Dr. Samuel Bluemfeld, one of the world's leading authorities on teaching reading. His books Alpha Phonics and Is Public Education Necessary? How to Tutor are used by thousands of parents to teach their children the three R's. His articles in countless publications have exploded the myth behind the fraudulent psychiatric labeling of normal school children.

"Intellectual education in our schools has been replaced by training for behavioral objectives," Dr. Bluemfeld said in his acceptance speech. "This kind of education has destroyed millions of young American minds. Animals can be trained but they cannot be educated; human beings can be trained and educated. Educational psychologists have reduced the intellectual component of education to practically nothing."

Bluemfeld concluded by saying the three producers of educational failure in America are behavioral psychology, Ritalin and the "whole language" theory of learning.

The second awardee was Mr. Charles Richardson, founding trustee of the Reading Reform Foundation of New York and director of the Learning Foundation's tutoring center, which administers individualized instruction to more than 2,700 students.

Richardson warned the audience of the influence of psychiatry in schools. Such disastrous educational practices as "values clarification," decision making in the absence of morals, and the danger of concentration on self-esteem without academic performance have resulted in stultified students who neither learn nor have stable value systems that allow them to function well in society.

The Citizen Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has published a series of booklets which thoroughly document psychiatric harm, abuse, criminality and fraud in different zones of society.

The first of the series, Creating Racism, Psychiatry's Betrayal, set off an international firestorm of controversy about psychiatry.

The latest publication, Harming in the Name of Health Care, documents how the fraud of "educational disorders" is carried out for the enrichment of those who profit from psychiatric drugs — at the expense of our nation's school children.

With more than four million American children alone fraudulently labeled as having mental "disorders," psychiatrists are creating a generation of drug addicts.

To obtain copies of these booklets, contact:

Citizens Commission on Human Rights
6616 Sunset Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Telephone (323) 467-4242 or (800) 869-2247

The final awardee of the evening was educator and author Mrs. Beverly Eakman. When Eakman settled on a career as a teacher in the public school system, she intended to teach literature and other academic basics. However, she soon found that schools were becoming psychological laboratories, where she was expected to advance psychiatric and psychological-based programs for shaping children's behavior, without parental knowledge or consent. Eakman fought the incursion and turned to the media for assistance, thinking that it would be a fairly simple matter to obtain coverage of what she found. She took documentation of the forced drugging of children, psychological tests which masqueraded as academic tests, and behavior modification programs which were conducted in the classrooms to the top echelons of various newspapers and television news magazines.

"While their eyes would get wide as saucers," Eakman said, "they all in the end said it was too difficult to do that kind of writing. So I decided to do the job myself."

Eakman first did that job with the publication of her book, Educating For a New World Order. She since formed the National Education Consortium, became a CCHR International Commissioner and published a second book, The Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education.

In her speech, Eakman strongly criticized the use of psychiatric drugs in classrooms throughout the country.

"The new fad is to attribute everything negative to a biochemical imbalance in the brain, creating the lucrative field of biopsychiatry," she said. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where we're headed when we start attributing criminal acts, personality quirks and ideas we don't like to biological processes and then 'treating' them with mind-altering drugs. The bottom line is that if you are difficult to teach, if you are a nuisance to somebody important, if you are a class clown or quirky, if you make politically indiscreet remarks, a judge will order you drugged, for your good and the good of society."

CCHR in Clearwater and in other cities worldwide is working to help return education to its primary goal: teaching the future leaders of our society.

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