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The Black and White of Justice
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Book Review

Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal

Psychiatry is probably the single most destructive force that has affected the American society within the last 50 years.
Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal These words by noted psychiatrist and author Thomas Szasz are fully documented in the powerful new book, Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal.

Written by Bruce Wiseman, U.S. national president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, this is a thoroughly researched and definitive analysis of the psychiatric industry’s destructive impact on our quality of life through its effects on the justice system, our schools, work places, and even our homes.

It shows how psychiatrists intruded into society by claiming to have the answers to man’s problems, yet in a bitter reversal of reality, they instead create the problems for which they do not have answers. Psychiatry is the subject that is looked to for help but turns out to be the most harmful, i.e., it is the ultimate betrayal. Each chapter of the book explores this theme from different perspectives.

Chapter 8, “Psychiatry, Justice and Crime,” for example, examines society’s alarming crime, drug abuse and violence statistics, tracing them back to psychiatry’s subversion of the concept of individual responsibility and its invasive entry into courts and prisons, with disastrous effects.

A used-car salesman in Virginia, as described in the book, had abducted a 30-year-old woman, held her captive for nine hours, and sexually assaulted her repeatedly. The assailant’s lawyer utilized the psychiatric defense that his client had suffered an “irresistible impulse” and he couldn’t help himself.

The result? The woman’s long ordeal, the humiliation, the repeated rapes and terror were not the man’s fault. The rapist was acquitted.

The author states: “A free society cannot exist in the absence of the concept of individual responsibility.

“Indeed, the more this standard has declined in our own culture, the greater our liberties have waned.

“There was a time when people complained they could no longer walk the streets at night because of the rise in crime.

“Now they lock their doors and still do not feel safe.”

He notes that the plague of crime and violence did not just happen:

“There are causes.

“And it would seem that chief among them is the invasion of psychiatric doctrines into our courts, our prisons, and our very codes of conduct.”

Responses to the book from scholars, health professionals, the news media and others have been overwhelmingly positive.

“After reading this book, no longer will we feel that many completely normal patterns of behavior will arbitrarily be labeled as madness,” wrote author and broadcaster Gary Null. “If anything, the economic self-serving interest of an unscientific group will be shown for what they are — a group of emperors with no clothes.”

“Not since Paul Revere took his midnight ride to alert our forefathers that the British were coming has a warning been so urgently needed as the wake up call you deliver in Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal,” stated Clinton Ray Miller of the National Council for Improved Health.

This 430-page work, laden with innumerable examples and case histories, also features photographs, charts and more than 1,000 reference notes. It is must reading for anyone concerned about crime, violence, drug abuse or moral decay. In the race for government funding, psychiatrists promised solutions in each of these areas but, as you will see when reading Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal, instead made them worse.

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