Marc & Claire Headley:
Unreliable Sources.



Marty Rathbun’s “Escape” from The Truth

Gasbag Marty Rathbun is now showing he’s a wannabe Starsky or Hutch for the cheesy tabloid show Dangerous Persuasions on Investigation Discovery, home to programs like Trapped In a Coffin. Spinning a new series of bizarre tales, this blowhard’s latest collection of antics invented for the cameras no doubt were inspired by a 1970s-era cop show. With bad acting, tacky music and really bad writing, producers Raw TV, whose credits include “Sex, Lies and Zumba,” uses laughable dramatizations of Rathbun playing out his machismo fantasies, assisted by serial liar Claire Headley. It’s just more self-important myths from someone desperate to convince anyone who will listen that he’s really a tough guy with a lot of swagger instead of the pathological liar who for six years has continually made up tales about his days with the Church that ended in humiliating disgrace pushing a broom in a Church-owned carpentry mill more than a decade ago. As it turns out, the only thing “dangerous” about Dangerous Persuasions is the risk of being bored to death by Rathbun’s incoherent blather.

The Church of Scientology is committed to free speech. However, free speech is not a free pass to broadcast or publish false information. We have all seen what happens when facts are not checked or those being reported on are not given a chance to respond. The Church is taking a resolute stand against such actions—both on its own behalf and for others who either cannot or will not do so.