Hana Whitfield—Attempted murderer & extortionist

Hana Whitfield fled her native South Africa after she faltered in attempting to murder her father, leaving her brother to carry it out, face conviction and being sentenced to prison.

Expelled from the Scientology religion 40 years ago, Whitfield and a handful of others, in a bid for revenge and profit, sued the Church for a billion dollars.

So spurious was her case, it was dismissed and tossed out of the courts six times. One judge said the suit was “devoid of facts” and called the allegations “incomprehensible.”

An appeals court called the lawsuit “frivolous” and sanctioned Whitfield and the other plaintiffs.

After her expulsion from the Church, Whitfield’s former husband revealed the plot to murder her father “with Hana arranging for them to be alone in a hotel room remote from their usual haunts [so] after he was slain it would not be obvious that she’d been with him....” But Whitfield yielded to her brother to perform the act.

She became a “deprogrammer,” working for the Cult Awareness Network with violent deprogrammers and kidnappers.

The business side of abduction and shattering families was lucrative, as the Whitfields duped families into paying thousands of dollars for their deprogramming services.

Her dark past of attempting to murder her father caught up with her. She later admitted to a “shattered mental state,” depressed and suicidal.

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