Valerie Haney: Leah’s Paid Liar

In Valerie Haney, Leah Remini found, not only a personal assistant, she and A&E found a thoroughly documented liar, who would say anything for money, no matter the photos, videos and statements proving otherwise. The truth about Valerie Haney is actually very simple. Valerie was unable to uphold the ethical standards of the Church’s religious order and was involved in rampant sexual promiscuity for which she could no longer remain Church staff. After she left, she was unable to get work, and was desperate for money. Then, when she couldn’t hold down a job selling condoms, Leah Remini came knocking, offering Haney thousands to be her “assistant” in exchange, of course, for lying on Remini’s A&E show. Here is the documented story.

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