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The Internet: The Promise and the Perils
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Many psychiatric hospitals have closed down in the face of insurance fraud investigations.

Because of the blatant criminal acts committed by psychiatrists, acts which they try to pass off as ‘therapy’ people are staying away from psychiatric hospitals in droves,” said CCHR’s Bruce Wiseman. He cited two Texas psychiatric facilities which have closed their doors this year as examples.

Charter Behavioral Health System Hospital of Texarkana shut down after it started operating at a financial loss because of the drastic reduction of patients voluntarily admitting themselves for inpatient services. Insurance companies, disenchanted with the increasing crime being exposed in the psychiatric industry, also started to closely scrutinize what “treatments” psychiatrists were delivering in these hospitals, thus affecting the insurance coverage the hospital could claim.

Another Texas facility shut down due to dwindling business was the Care Unit of Fort Worth. Insurance companies also clamped down on reimbursements for inpatient care. An article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram revealed that the number of psychiatric hospitals in Texas had declined to 54 with fewer than 8,000 licensed beds from 75 psychiatric hospitals with 11,247 beds in 1990.

Additionally, two other Texas facilities have announced pending closure because of bankruptcy.

“Insurance companies and patients across the nation are realizing that psychiatry is bad business,” Wiseman told Freedom. “Due to CCHR’s investigations alone, 52 psychiatric facilities have been shut down because of the fraud and abuse we uncovered.”

Wiseman said, “The goal of a world without insanity is within reach. It can be achieved once the field of mental healing is cleaned up and abusers in this field are cleared out. CCHR continues to work toward this goal.”

Aversion Therapy. Banned in Massachusetts

For years, powerful electric shocks were administered as punishment to mentally retarded and autistic children in Massachusetts under the name of “aversion therapy.” In March, the Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee of the State House of Representatives held hearings to determine whether this practice should be allowed to continue in the state.

Psychiatrists brought one of the shock machines to the hearings — a tactical error that proved fatal to their hope of convincing the committee to allow its continued use.

Committee vice chairman Representative James V. DiPaola wanted to see for himself if the shocks were as painless as the “experts” claimed. He walked to the front of the room, sat at the machine, hooked himself up and turned it on.

What followed was one of the shortest yet most convincing speeches in the legislature’s history. DiPaola jumped from the chair in pain. He exclaimed afterward, “It was torture. It was very painful.”

The head of the CCHR chapter in Boston, Kevin Hall, informed the committee that according to newspaper reports, a psychiatrist admitted that 5,300 of these painful shocks had been delivered to one child in one day at a Massachusetts psychiatric institution.

The committee voted 9 to 1 to ban aversion therapy.

Two weeks later, the State Department of Mental Retardation, with the support of the governor and the state attorney general, ordered all psychiatric facilities in the state to cease these brutal “treatments.”

Learn the Truth about Psychiatric Crime and Fraud.

wo booklets published by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, with assistance from the editors of Freedom, tell the true story of psychiatry.

“The Rise of Senseless Violence in Society: Psychiatry’s Role in the Creation of Crime” describes destructive psychiatric “treatments” that have produced senseless and brutal crime in our society. The eye-opening publication documents how psychiatry has created escalating crime rates, widespread drug addiction, declining literacy levels and a decaying society.

“Psychiatry’s Multibillion-Dollar Fraud: A Common Sense Appraisal of Psychiatry and Your Tax Dollars” exposes why the billions in government funding poured into programs that promise to improve literacy, reduce crime and handle drug abuse are not working why, in fact, they are failing miserably.

Discover what YOU can do about it.

To order, send check or money order for $2 per copy, $7.50 for 5 copies, $25 for 20 copies to:

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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