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The Child Protection Racket
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Why Child Psychiatry Is Child Abuse

Child with pills
No child should be reduced to a cog in psychiatry's Brave New World.
Since its earliest editions, Freedom has warned readers of the destructive consequences of psychiatry's primary methods of "treatment" — psychosurgery, electric shock and psychotropic drugs. Over the decades, victims and surviving relatives have sought us out to inform us of horrors they experienced and human rights violations they witnessed.

Many have acknowledged the importance of our coverage, such as the Iowa housewife who had developed suicidal and homicidal thoughts while on a widely prescribed "antidepressant." She wrote, in part, "I thank your magazine so much for bringing this horrible drug to my attention. I owe my life, as well as my husband's and children's, to you."

But the greatest threat of psychiatry is its targeting of the young, for in doing so, it threatens to destroy our future leaders.

The drugging of children is a multibillion-dollar market that grows larger by the day. Psychiatrists expand their funding sources with an endless supply of fraudulent "labels" for normal childhood behavior. These labels provide an ever-increasing supply of future "customers," as children, once labeled, are administered costly, brain-damaging drugs and become lifelong prey for the psychiatric industry. Who, after all, ever heard of a psychiatric cure?

Children captured by psychiatry pass into adulthood and, as parents, see their own and other offspring become fresh fodder for the mental health industry.

As public awareness of the dangers of psychiatry's destructive methods grows, so, too, does the guile of the psychiatrists and their front groups, led by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). One ploy is to claim that "new" treatments or drugs are free from the problems and side effects associated with their predecessors — until, once again, overwhelming evidence documents the dangers or fallaciousness of the new.

The "chemical imbalance" theory, for example, one of the gambits in psychiatry's scramble for public dollars, is a blind assertion based on no facts. Joseph Glenmullen, M.D., clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, said, "not one [chemical imbalance] has been proven. Quite the contrary. In every instance where such an imbalance was thought to have been found, it was later proven false."

Psychiatry's propaganda has its limitations. As Abraham Lincoln observed, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."

And so it was that in June 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized the dangers of methylphenidate and similar drugs prescribed to children for "Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder," ordering labeling changes on these substances to warn that they can cause visual hallucinations, suicidal ideation, psychosis, and aggressive or violent behavior. In July, the FDA followed with a warning that antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal behavior in adults, expanding upon an admonition it had issued in 2004 for children.

Steven Sharfstein, president of the APA, admitted in the August 19, 2005 edition of Psychiatric News that "many patients are being prescribed the wrong drugs or drugs they don't need." And yet, the Sheppard Pratt Health System he oversees is itself guilty in this regard. Based on reports received by Freedom, Sheppard Pratt patients have been injected with mind-altering drugs against their will, while many have been routinely drugged to the point of senselessness.

The FDA warnings cited above and other more recent ones are steps in the right direction. However, they focus on just one aspect of an industry that is out of control — and which places itself above any responsibility for its many human rights violations.

No child should be compelled to receive brain-damaging "treatment" of any kind, and thus be reduced to just another cog in psychiatry's Brave New World. No parent should be cornered into agreeing that, in order to retain custody of their child, they must place him in harm's way.

Slapping a false label on a child and forcing him to undergo shock treatment that can destroy his brain — or compelling him to take a drug that can make him suicidal, homicidal or both — are among the worst of all possible human rights violations.

This edition contains information about human rights abuses you won't hear about from the psychiatric industry. Thinking adults, after reviewing this data, should decide for themselves whether psychiatrists can be trusted with the care and treatment of children.

One well-informed psychiatrist, author Thomas Szasz, M.D., has stated, "Child psychiatry is child abuse — period."

We encourage anyone who knows of abuses as described in this edition to send full details to Freedom.

— The Editors

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