L. Ron Hubbard essay


Druidism and Psychiatry

Between the mid-1960s and early 1980s, and following from a greater geopolitical study of what most plagues this world, Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard authored an extraordinary series of essays on “cultural inadequacies” of the late twentieth century: tyranny of government, inadequate justice, oppressive economics and the pervasive terror of psychiatry. The bulk of these works were intended for, and appeared in, Freedom magazine. The following essay is among the many he authored for Freedom in 1969.
L. Ron Hubbard

SOME YEARS AGO I ASKED A psychiatrist, who came to a Scientology meeting, why he did not personally refuse to electric shock and refuse to do brain “operations” on people if he knew it often killed them.

He gave me an astonishing answer. He said, “I have to do it. If I didn’t, I would be dismissed from the hospital for refusing to take part in the sacrifice.”

This puzzled me. But recently my attention was recalled to the work of Jung, one of the three major psychiatric authorities, who are Freud, Jung and Adler.

As you can find in Jung’s work, he laid tremendous stress on Druidism and wrote a great deal about it.

Druidism was a Celtic inner circle of priests and lawgivers who seem to have practiced human sacrifice. Their cruel and inhuman rites led to their direct suppression by Rome.

In modern times, Druidism has revived and they are said to meet annually at Stonehenge, possibly their ancient stronghold in England.

This is the first clue I have ever had as to why psychiatrists think they have to kill and injure people.

Many psychiatrists have told me, when I interviewed them or when they tried to get me to take themselves or their wives for treatment, that electric shock retards a mental patient’s recovery by about six weeks on the average, that when it does not kill them it usually breaks their teeth and often their spines. Over 1,200 were killed outright by electric machines in the U.S. in one year. As to “operations” on the brain, they die either at once or within two to five years according to psychiatric official tables.

Psychiatrists freely admit these treatments do no good and are murderous or damaging, the evidence appearing in their own publications or in public media such as Time magazine.

This has never ceased to astonish informed observers: That torture, injury and murder were practiced in the full knowledge of no benefit, much less cure.

Their authority Jung, Druidism and human sacrifice offer for the first time some clue as to what it is all about.

Psychiatric front groups act frantically against any group who might discover their crimes.

Druidism in its day was the senior body above Celtic governments and dictated their actions.

The Profumo scandal* laid bare wild, fantastic orgies by high officials.

I wonder if, when all the evidence is in, some fantastic explanation of why some UK Labour officials back up the psychiatrist and why the psychiatrist kills might not come to life.

Like human sacrifice or ritual murders such as those of Britain’s recent colonies.

This enigma of unpunished official murder is one of the biggest social puzzles of our times, to say nothing of seizure violations of human rights.

* Secretary of State for War John Profumo’s affair with prostitute Christine Keeler in the early 1960s—while she was also having an affair with a Soviet intelligence agent—shook the British Government with national-security concerns and revelations of serious misconduct by other government officials.