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The Terror Doctors
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TERROR 2004:
In September 2002, Maria Ressa, CNN’s Southeast Asia bureau chief, viewed more than 250 videotapes which experts believe were recovered from Osama bin Laden’s private collection in Afghanistan.

“Some of the tapes are motivational propaganda, for the purpose of recruiting new mujahideen,” Ressa wrote in Seeds of Terror. “One that I already watched with our producers and Arabic translator ... incites Muslims to join the jihad in Indonesia.”

Hayat Mongodin translated the narrative that accompanied scenes of charred bodies: “Look at what your brothers are going through. Look at what you’re closing your eyes to. They’re burning mosques in order to put up synagogues and churches. This is a country of pride. Now it is a country of shame.”

AL-QAEDA TRAINING VIDEOS: “There is no question this is .... brainwashing that is part of the whole indoctrination of programmed killers.”

Some images, Ressa wrote, were from “the province of West Kalimantan, where brutal beheadings triggered by ethnic conflict between Dayaks (the old headhunters of Borneo) and Madurese were portrayed as Christians killing Muslims. Because the Dayaks were mostly Christian converts and the Madurese were Muslims, you could say the tape was technically correct—although religion wasn’t the source of that conflict.”

Mongodin translated the voiceover: “Since the 13th century, Islam came to Indonesia spreading the word of Allah, replacing Hinduism. Now there are people working against you, behind your back, and they are killing your brothers. The government of Suharto [Indonesia’s president until 1998] is treating the Muslims in such a harsh way, harsher than the colonizers.”

More graphic images followed, including a man whose arm was being amputated as the camera panned to the tattered flesh on his back.

“Look at this man,” translated Mongodin, “Look at his back. You can’t hide his torture. Even if your pens lie, his back won’t lie. Be patient and strong in facing this.”

“There is no question this is mental conditioning,” Ressa told Freedom. “[It is] brainwashing that is part of the whole indoctrination of programmed killers.”

AUTHOR: Maria Ressa, CNN Southeast Asia bureau chief, explores the roots of terrorism in her new book.

Subverting Religion

Rabiah Ahmed, spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., told Freedom that it is not surprising that leaders in the terrorist camp are psychiatrists. “It actually makes sense that they would use those skills to brainwash people who are in their group,” she said. “They would not stop at using drugs to brainwash and in getting others to do their dirty work for them.”

Of note, the driving force behind terrorists, psychiatry, is peculiarly anti-religious, holding that man is a stimulus-response animal, not a spiritual being. The majority of psychiatrists are atheistic or agnostic, according to a published study,25 while in the medical field, psychiatrists are the most likely of all doctors to commit suicide. Particularly since the Second World War, psychiatry has insinuated its way into military and political affairs.

Traditionally, a psychiatric stock-in-trade—from Nazi “racial hygiene” to Bosnian Serb “ethnic cleansing"—has been to devise political or military means of aiding totalitarian efforts. When human rights violations are involved, history has judged such methods to be criminal. In the case of terrorism, such violations are massive, calculated to create as much physical harm and mental distress as possible.

Thus, psycho-terrorism and related violent acts are more properly and accurately understood when viewed from a military, political or even organized crime perspective.

Those who commit acts of terror or who lead others to commit them do not and never have represented Islam, Ahmed said. “As soon as you kill innocent people for your own cause, you’re doing it for a political agenda, a personal agenda, and not for any religious reason,” she added.

Perverting Islamic Education

Freedom’s research revealed that psychiatric methods—built as they are upon the concept that man is an animal—deftly steer members of the Islamic faith away from their religion’s ideals and values.

Scholars interviewed by Freedom pointed out that in doing so the terror masters violate numerous sacred writings that stress being tolerant toward those who disagree with the message of Islam, such as, “‘Bear with patience what they say, and when they leave give a courteous farewell,’ Allah requested.” (Sura* 73:10)

Other examples include “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (Sura 2:256) and “Deal gently with disbelievers....” (Sura 86:17).

It appears to be no coincidence that, beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, psychiatric programs introduced into traditional Islamic schools and seminaries pulled children and youth away from the traditional, positive teachings of the Quran, replacing them with subjective interpretations of such concepts as “jihad” and “martyrdom.”

One program, “death education,” for example, places such an emphasis on death that some children begin to seek it26—an action, of course, at odds with Islam, Christianity, Judaism and virtually every other religion.

These programs create fertile ground from which terrorist networks gather recruits. As described in “ ’Sacred’ Explosions” (Volume 35, Issue 1), added inducement comes from substantial monetary rewards for suicide bombers and their families. Family members have their debts liquidated, plus relatives receive pensions for life said to be a minimum of twice the income received before the bomber died.

Funding for this reportedly comes from Iran, laundered via the Central Bank of Syria in Damascus and the Central Bank of Greece in Athens, and is then transferred to a Cairo account, from whence it gets couriered to Gaza City. Israeli intelligence believes money also may be transferred from Tehran to Cairo and to Yemen.


Faith vs. Foment

The seeds of foment planted by the Middle East’s original psycho-terror doctor, Frantz Fanon, have yielded violent acts that the world sees daily in the papers and nightly on the news. But, as Sayyid Muhammad Syeed told Freedom, Muslims “would not do these things by themselves.”

Television presents images of “militants” chanting, and of suicide bombers in green headdresses reciting the Quran, he noted, but these and similar displays of propaganda are simply not enough to create the sweeping behavioral changes needed to produce a suicide bomber. Herein lies the role played by the doctors of terror—a role that warrants scrutiny by anyone interested in bringing peace to the Middle East and the rest of the world.

“The aggressors can commit such violence only with the intention of attacking religion itself,” said Harun Yahya, author of Islam Denounces Terrorism.

“It may well be that those who carried out this violence did so to present religion as evil in the eyes of people, to divorce people from religion and to generate hatred toward those who are religiously inclined. Consequently, every attack on American citizens or other innocent people having a religious facade is actually an attack made against religion.”27

Drug profits feed psycho-terrorism; Islam pays the price

In a stark subversion of Islamic principles, terrorists have cashed in on drug-trade profits estimated at up to billions a year from one nation alone (Afghanistan)—both to support their operations and to sedate or stimulate their suicide operatives.

AFGHAN POLICE OFFICERS guard a poppy field about to be destroyed; such crops reportedly continue to serve as gold mines for terrorists.

IRAQ: The Jordan Times reported on March 24, 2004, that as many as 200 terror cells flourish in Iraq, with cash from drug sales bankrolling them and pills provided to suicide bombers for their deadly missions. “The drug merchants are closely related to al-Qaeda people,” explained Karbala police chief, Colonel Karim Sultan.

KASHMIR: “The militants get involved in narcotics for two main reasons,” said Manzoor Ahmed, chief of police of Bandipora in northern Kashmir. “One is to give to their fighters during suicide attacks, to give them courage and to take away the pain. The second reason is fundraising. Narcotics are very profitable.”

THAILAND: “At this stage, we believe that these people were hired by ill-meaning masterminds paying them with drugs and other things,” said Thai Army chief, General Chaisit Shinawatra. He referred to youths who stormed police stations in three southern Thailand provinces, claiming the lives of 107 attackers, three policemen and two soldiers in April 2004. The Thai public health minister, Sudarat Keyuraphan, confirmed that methamphetamines and other illegal drugs were found in the blood of some of the insurgents.

* A sure is a chapter in the Quran.

Linda Amato and Anne Hogarth contributed to this article.

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