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Hana Whitfield: Can You Spare a Billion?

Hana Whitfield, a woman expelled more than 30 years ago, who once had delusions of “taking over” the Church through a frivolous $1 billion class-action lawsuit tossed out of federal court six times and called “incomprehensible” by a judge. In the 1960s, Whitfield changed her name and fled her native South Africa following a family plot to murder her father for which her brother went to prison. Is it any wonder she later complained of a “shattered mental state?” Even Mike Rinder, source and promoter of Alex Gibney’s HBO film “Going Clear,” has said Whitfield is driven by financial motives to “spread venom.” Nonetheless, HBO producer Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney chose her as a credible source never disclosing her history nor her motives.


Hana Whitfield: Can You Spare a Billion?


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Because Alex Gibney in his propaganda film “Going Clear” covered up relevant details about his sources, the Church of Scientology  produced factual, documented information telling the real story behind each of these individuals and their role in advancing Gibney's bigoted agenda.