Scoring Important Goals in Europe

Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life Association rally

Catherine Cros, president of the Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life Association in France, has seen the increasing damage being done throughout Europe by cannabis—a gateway drug to highly addictive and often deadly narcotics, and which has been legalized in several nations. Cros says, “My work is to make the real danger of drugs known.”

To achieve that goal, Cros and volunteers from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World spread their message at the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) 2016 championships. As much excitement as those matches generated for fans, however, the volunteers who distributed 300,000 copies of the educational The Truth About Drugs booklets were the heroes off the field.

“We met teachers who took booklets for their schools and people who took booklets to put in the mailboxes of their building. A lot of people agree with the message,” says Cros.