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In an attempt to boost his abysmal ratings, Anderson Cooper pulled from his closet and dusted off a year-old media story, which had since been entirely discredited.

Of course, Cooper could have done a “follow-up” which might have then qualified as legitimate “news.”

But the CNN agenda didn’t call for fairness and accuracy. On the contrary, all AC 360 wanted were “responses” to claims made by a trio of deadbeats who had been removed from any authority in the Church and excommunicated six years ago.

That those people were bitter, disgruntled and had an axe to grind was never disputed by Cooper and company.

Yet all the same, as CNN Producer David Doss made patently clear, anything beyond an interview response to rantings of those defrocked apostates was “irrelevant.”

Full and immediate access to all Church facilities, which would even include an interview with the Church’s leader – all of it was deemed irrelevant.

So how does that square with Cooper’s fantasies of intrepid reporting?

When an earthquake reduces Haiti to rubble, there he is – on site in designer jeans or cargo pants – to verify for himself that the villages were indeed reduced to rubble.

And so it goes from the hurricane and flooding in New Orleans…

To a coal mine explosion in West Virginia…

Anderson Cooper has got to see it with his own two eyes while furrowing his brow to show us just how much he cares.

But this time Cooper refused to look.  He even refused to enter a Church 720 yards from his CNN offices.

So that he couldn’t later claim “Ignorance,” the Church provided up to date footage on all Scientology activities.

Needless to say, none of it made it into the program…

Here is what actually happened in the world of Scientology in the past year while Anderson Cooper was conducting his so-called “investigation.”

--All began in March with the completion of a 2-year project to place the Church Founder’s books into every national, city and university lending library in the 15 main languages of Earth—all to make the materials of Dianetics and Scientology available to everyone, everywhere.

--Then to make those materials available everywhere else came the completion of another 2-year project – this one culminating in the publication of all beginning books of Dianetics and Scientology – and all translated into 50 languages, no less.

At which point even the Guinness Book of World Records took note—since Mr. Hubbard was now the most translated author on Earth.

--March also saw the commencement of a global program to open new Ideal Churches of Scientology in every major city across 5 continents—the most extensive expansion project of any church on Earth.

It began the next day, with the ribbon cutting and Grand Opening of the Church’s fully restored religious retreat in Clearwater, Florida.

It’s the Church’s spiritual headquarters drawing parishioners from 120 nations and also serving the local community for hundreds of civic events.

While even more than that, completion of the project signaled the start of the last phase of expansion and commencement of final construction of the Church’s new Mecca.

One week later, it was another Grand Opening—this one in the ancient Swedish seaport at Malmo. There, it was a new 72 thousand square foot Scientology Church on a classic northern parkland for the people of Scandinavia…

Next, and just another week later, it was Dallas, Texas, for the Grand Opening of a new Church at the Dallas metroplex for people of the Lone Star State.

Then, and still in April, it was Nashville, Tennessee, for yet another Grand Opening—this one in the fully restored historic landmark now home to a Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre for Music City USA.

Then came June and the annual convocation of Scientologists aboard the Freewinds—a week-long series of events transmitted to Scientology Churches and Missions world over.

--All began with the release of the Golden Dawn—Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s first public lectures on the subject of Scientology and now restored after 50 years and made available on Compact Disc.

--And if that signified an historic achievement to every Scientologist, next came the announcement of a four-and-a-half hour “Book-on-Film” of Mr. Hubbard’s seminal work: Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health. It’s all about providing visual instruction on the theory and practice of Dianetics to anyone, whether right in the home or even on the internet.

--While as for that expansion program and the parade of new Ideal Churches, it was the acquisition and announcement of new Church Advanced Organizations to stand at the pinnacle of every continental zone:

--For Canada, a new facility in the untrammeled Ontario wilderness, located on a legendary estate totaling 190 acres…

--For the 21 nations of Latin America, a 250 thousand square foot pinnacle of the Scientology Bridge in Mexico City…

--And for South Africa, the Kyalami Castle to minister to Scientologists from across the whole African horn.

All of which brings us to October and an historic event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists.

Attended by more than 7,000  Scientologists from over 100 nations, CNN not only declined an invitation to attend, but even balked at an offer that they set up their own interview booth and speak to anyone they wished.

Be that as it may, Cooper and company were nonetheless provided all materials on the Church’s humanitarian programs they would have seen live, including:

--The production and release, on DVD, of The Story of Human Rights—a filmed documentary on the epic history of how human rights came to be and, in combination with educational materials, uniting a movement on behalf of mankind across 93 nations...

And now serving as the centerpiece of the largest non-governmental Human Rights initiative on Earth.

--Next, it was the production and release, on DVD, of The Truth About Drugs, a 90-minute documentary on every illicit drug of choice—and all in the words of those who have been there.

This one also runs in tandem with a series of Public Service Announcements, booklets and educator materials. In combination, these materials form the centerpiece of the largest non-governmental drug prevention program on Earth. And, to eradicate this plague forever, it’s now inspired a drug-free movement across 99 nations.

There’s more because, propelling the most important message in the name of cultural resurgence, it was the release of a feature length Book-on-Film, The Way to Happiness. Here is a commonsense guide to better living, providing 21 moral precepts anyone can follow—no matter nationality, color or creed—and so forming the common bonds of agreement for a true brotherhood of Man.

While providing indiscriminate help—anywhere, anytime—it was the encapsulated view of Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers, now comprising the world’s largest independent relief organization on Earth with commendations and citations from every major disaster site through the last twenty years.

But even so, it still wasn’t the kind of story that provided Cooper the perfect opportunity to furrow his brow and let us know how profusely his heart bleeds.

And so we move on to November and the next wave of new Church Grand Openings:

--First in Rome, where 6000 gathered in the Eternal City and very birthplace of Western Civilization to inaugurate a 70 thousand square foot Church on 28 acres of Ramon countryside…

--Next, in Washington, D.C., and a new Church in the Nation’s capital perfectly situated on that city’s historic Embassy Row and just six blocks from the White House…

--And finally, in Brussels at the heart and capital of the new European Union where now stands an 88 thousand square foot beacon of religious freedom, staffed by Scientologists from 20 nations.

Whereupon, we arrive at the annual Scientology New Year’s celebration—and the monumental completion of a 25-year project initiated by the Church’s Founder:

It’s called the Golden Age of Knowledge for the fact it marked the completion and release of the full library of Scientology Scriptures—including Mr. Hubbard’s more than 2 thousand recorded lectures from the 1950s, now fully restored digitally and available for the first time ever.

And to ensure the broad availability and accessibility of these materials to everyone, the New Year further saw the establishment of the Church’s in-house publishing facility for all of Mr. Hubbard’s written and recorded works in 50 languages.

It’s the only fully digital publishing facility in the world…

--With 21st Century technology to print and bind books…

--With a CD Manufacturing facility for all recorded lectures…

--With one-of-a-kind automation for fast, yet economical packaging, normally requiring intensive manual labor by staff…

--And with in-house warehousing and shipping lines to 5 continents.

Nevertheless, if that was 2009, so Church expansion continued at unprecedented levels in 2010.

--First, in January, with the Grand Opening of a new Church in Quebec on the day that city celebrated its world renowned ice festival.

--Next, in February, with the Grand Opening of still another new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And finally, in March, with the completion of the Model Ideal Church of Scientology, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

All of which brings us back to Anderson Cooper and his 5-part series that appeared out of nowhere 1 week later.

Because if everything you’ve just seen is unfamiliar, that’s because none of it—not even a mention of it—ever appeared on AC 360.

And yes, Cooper was in possession of all of the footage.

So, that’s Anderson Cooper and his so-called “investigation.” It’s a nice tabloid catch-phrase—“investigation”—which Cooper has redefined to mean “yellow journalism.”

Which might explain the “preconditions” he placed on Church executives, when they finally persuaded Cooper to interview them. Cooper insisted that the church not be allowed to video him. In fact, he even refused to provide the Church with a complete and unedited copy of the CNN video of the interviews he conducted with those executives. He wants no public record of everything he was told, and yet omitted from his broadcast, lest the whole world see what a hack he really is. 

After all, if nothing related to Scientology was relevant…

Not its humanitarian agenda and social rescue programs, not its meteoric growth and parade of new Churches—if none of it was relevant to the AC 360 story, then why didn’t Cooper at least tell his viewers this…

“I dabbled with this story for a full year and repeatedly refused invitations to visit Church facilities—any and all of them.”

“I determined before even contacting the Church that I wouldn’t accept their information and told them as much just to ensure they had every reason to distrust me.”

“In fact, I only agreed to interview Church executives after they twice flew cross-country, at their own expense, to persuade CNN Corporate to force me to interview them.”

“While on the other hand, CNN paid for all air travel and accommodations for all anti-Scientology sources.”

“And when I finally did interview those Church executives, they told me all sorts of relevant and interesting facts concerning my sources, but I didn’t include any of it…”

“Which is the beauty of not doing a live program; you only hear and see what I want you to hear and see.”

Yes—why didn’t Cooper tell his audience all that?

All of which begs the question: How could CNN present Scientology while ignoring everything that’s happening within the Church and still get away with calling itself “the most trusted name in news?”

Although for that matter, how does Anderson Cooper get away with reporting from disaster sites in silk tee shirts to blur the line between anchorman and male model?

Well, the answer to all the above questions is simple: For reasons best known to himself and a secret to all others, Cooper has never seen a bitter, busted and disgruntled anti-Scientologist he didn’t like. In fact, the more outrageous a liar, the better. And so he gave you:

  • Someone who used to work on Church construction projects, but now repairs used furniture.
  • Someone dismissed for serial sexual misconduct and who also now refurbishes junk furniture.
  • A member of a cyber-terrorist, mask-wearing cadre who is opposed to the entire religion of Scientology.
  • Someone who’s convinced he created the universe and claims he is Jesus and the Buddha…literally.
  • Someone who is a self-admitted perjurer and whose “best, good buddy”—his words—is a man who beat him brutally and would have killed him without the intervention of 5 men to stop it.

And someone who refers to himself as Kingpin, who calls all of the deadbeats lunatics you’ve just seen his “posse,” who committed over 50 repeated acts of violence after he was removed for misconduct – including almost killing the beer drinker you just saw—and who is also a self-admitted perjurer… a fact Cooper knew, a fact contained in his taped interviews, but something intentionally omitted in his broadcast.

And oh, the three men you’ve just seen, best described as “thugs,” claimed on-air, to Cooper, they aren’t in coordination with each other, corroborating each other’s stories. Yeah, right—even though they mimic each other right down to their facial hair.

Anderson Cooper: “Two starkly different versions. Only one of them can be the truth. Somebody is lying.”

Yes, somebody was lying. And Anderson Cooper didn’t care.

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