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Original content on the Scientology Network takes viewers inside the world’s fastest-growing religion and its humanitarian goals.

Satellites and television signals bounding around Earth are the technology of today, and within their spectrums, there is something new. It is called the Scientology Network. And it is different from most everything that television channels have offered to viewers before.

Historically, most new television networks start with either a limited broadcast day or with only one or two original shows. But from day one—March 12, 2018—the Scientology Network is broadcasting around the clock, every day of the year, with programming that includes a full lineup of original series, Network-exclusive films, public service announcements (PSAs), documentaries and more. In total, the new network will broadcast nearly 8,800 hours of television in its first year.

With the launch of the Scientology Network on DIRECTV’s Channel 320, the story of Scientology and its humanitarian initiatives is being told to America and the world through a different kind of television, one that is looking for and bringing viewers real stories about real people, stories of hope, optimism and compassion.

For the first time, viewers will get a true look inside Scientology, its history, its churches and the lives of its members, its worldwide humanitarian missions, and its focus on human rights and a more peaceful world.

This noncommercial channel will tell the stories illustrating the most basic belief of Scientology—that the greatest human right is the right to help.