Scientology Network: It’s New, It’s Bold, It’s On.

What you are about to read in this special edition of Freedom magazine is the behind-the-scenes story about an event in the history of the Scientology religion unlike any before it. On March 12, 2018, a long-anticipated and meticulously planned moment within Church annals was realized—the launching of a new satellite and video-streaming television channel—the Scientology Network.

For Church staff and members, this new channel marks a milestone in an ongoing mission of the Church—to bring their message of a better world and better lives to people the world over. As you will read in the coming pages, the new network makes Scientology accessible to millions of households across the United States as well as hundreds of millions more worldwide over the internet.

The programming for the network has been developed from within the unique studios of Scientology Media Productions, where state-of-the-art equipment, innovation, creativity and a sense of history converged to bring original content about the religion itself—and its humanitarian missions. With a fresh take on religious broadcasting, the Scientology Network ushers in an entirely new era for the genre.

The Scientology Network also brings to the general public—in many ways for the first time—the real stories of Scientology, told from the inside in ways that invite viewers to see for themselves how Scientology, in its compassionate embrace of all world religions, is less about what is “believed” than about what it can do to bring about a more humane, sane, peaceful, productive and enlightened world.