JULY 16, 2010

Pakistan Indus River Flood

July 16, 2010. Pakistan Indus River Flood

An extremely heavyweight monsoon season in the summer of 2010 led to Pakistan’s worst natural disaster and one that made it nearly impossible for outside help to reach the worst-hit areas. The swollen Indus River basin overflowed with a vengeance, covering more than one-fifth of the country with water. Volunteer Ministers responding from around the world faced a daunting task in negotiating a country filled with treacherous submerged roads to reach remote refugee encampments just beyond the river’s reach. Local VMs responded from within to blaze trails to flood victims and bring needed supplies and support, prompting an impressed official with the Sindh Government Ministry of Law to state, “I really agree and am inspired by the motto of the Disaster Relief Team and they have proved these words by their actions: Something can be done about it.”