Bringing Solutions

Volunteer organizations provide solutions to drugs, crime, moral decay and human rights violations.

If only these walls could talk.

Only six small buildings. But, oh, the stories their light-colored stucco walls could tell. Sagas of woe and happiness, of triumph and tears of joy, of friends and schoolteachers, drug abuse solutions and chronicles of courageous heroes whose selfless concerns uplift spirits in entire communities.

From Clearwater around the world and back again, every day, the stories walk in these doors or arrive by phone, internet, mail, even shouted from the street. Nearly two blocks in length, exactly 175 steps along the east side of North Fort Harrison Avenue, the six buildings perch interconnected, like arms-locked soldiers in stalwart formation, as cars zoom past and the curious mix with downtowners walking along fancy brick and tile sidewalks. “Can anyone just walk in?” A young girl with a squirming baby in a carriage presses her eyes against a window.

Suddenly, the door opens with a smile. Come on in!

Since these buildings opened in July of 2015, they have symbolized the Church of Scientology’s far-reaching global humanitarian initiatives designed to elevate communities.