Drug-Free World

Operation: Drug-Free World

The Church-supported Drug-Free World program is the world’s largest such nongovernmental education initiative.

Some 160,000 individuals registered to run in the Truth About Drugs 5K Race held in 26 Ecuadorean cities simultaneously in 2017, as tens of thousands more looked on. It was part of the program for the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, and it was a world record-setter. Ecuador’s National Police agency, co-sponsor of the event with the Church of Scientology-supported global Drug-Free World program, succeeded in shattering the previous record for the most pledges to an anti-drug health campaign that urges all to say no to illicit drugs. The nationwide event was organized in a quest to end drug abuse across the globe. With the specter of drug abuse growing in Ecuador, police, politicians and the people of the country widely welcomed the help of the Church.