Vivo sin drogas
FROM ABOVEColorful uniforms and intricate formations spell out a mission, “I Live Without Drugs, You Decide,” by hundreds of Ecuadorean police officers and a multitude of citizens in a world record-setting national event soliciting thousands of pledges to avoid drugs—all under the banner of the Drug-Free World education program.


Spelling Out the Anti-Drug Message

A World Record
A WORLD RECORD Guinness World Records certificate is presented, acknowledging Ecuador’s Say No to Drugs 5K where a record-breaking 86,000 pledged to live drug-free lives.

The National Police of Ecuador set the pace—literally—in their race to create a drug-free world and gain traction within their nation. The event not only crossed the finish line, it set a new Guinness World Record with 86,630 individual pledges to say no to illicit drugs.

Participants wore T-shirts bearing the campaign’s logo and received a Truth About Drugs booklet.

More than 180,000 people attended this event throughout Ecuador, which required an entire month of preparations.

And the police received their just reward when two Guinness World Records observers—who were stationed in different provinces—counted the participants and verified the numbers that put the National Police of Ecuador into the Guinness World Records book for the most pledges ever received in a health campaign. Carlos Tapia Rojas, Guinness World Records representative for Mexico and Latin America, congratulated Ecuador’s national police for their commitment to the health and happiness of their people.

With such a massive head start in this race, the program called in Ecuador “Yo Vivo Sin Drogas, Tú Decides” (“I Live Without Drugs, You Decide”) could reach millions of people.

Away They Go
AWAY THEY GO Ecuadorians head off the starting line of the Yo Vivo Sin Drogas, Tú Decides (“I Live Without Drugs, You Decide”) race in Quito.